God And Reasons
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2017-08-18 11:34:43 UTC
God will want us to do all sorts of different things. Sometimes God will tell you the reason, and sometimes God won't tell you the reason.

You end up finding the reason later.

In some cases, you will not understand the reason. In other cases, you will not agree with the reason. But in all cases you will end up finding out later that the reason was right.

Our worldviews are in some ways compatible with the truth and in other ways not compatible with the truth. According to our worlviews, God can sometimes be a part of it and sometimes not so. Some of what God tells us may be in contradiction to what we believe to be logical or rational. Some of what God tells us may be in contradiction to our values. But in all cases God's reasoning is superior to our reasoning, and we stand to benefit greatly from trusting to His wisdom.

If our worldview tells us that all that is real is material world, then God's logic may be incompatible with our own. If our values tells us that something is right that is in fact wrong, then God's ways may strike us as being wrong. But we end up finding out later that in both cases God is right.

Sometimes God's ways may strike us as being crazy or ethically wrong. However they appear to have a greater wisdom and greater principle than what we learn elsewhere. We end up finding out the reason later, and it is a more profound reason than anything that we may expect.

It is for this reason that faith results in greater understanding than either logic or the world's wisdom. Faith is reliance on a wisdom greater than ours. Anything else stands to be used for wrong things. But faith cannot be used for wrong things. Allowing God to guide us leads us to wiser acts than anything that we can learn elsewhere. And unlike intelligence, logic, common sense, wisdom or anything else under the Sun, faith cannot be used for wrong. We are allowing a being with a wisdom greater than ours to guide us. The wisdom and the knowledge belongs with that entity. We are availed of this wisdom when we are ready to receive it; and until then this wisdom guides us.

For this reason faith is a more reliable path than any other. We rely on the wisdom of an entity wiser and better than are we. Sometimes we are availed of the reasons, and sometimes we are not availed of the reasons. Once again, understanding the reason come later, when we are ready to receive it. And it is in doing this that we are actually lead to wise conduct, whether or not we possess the same wisdom at the time that we are doing the acts.
2017-08-27 00:38:49 UTC
Fr Hopko once said that when stuff is logical it is the devl's work, when
stuff contradicts, it is God. My cousin priest who buried my dad told me "God
has his reasons". Jews answer by question and Greeks by dialectic because God
is uncomprehensible. Cnsistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

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