NATO may not survive
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2018-06-24 20:49:48 UTC
Another issue the Europeans may not understand is why this nation was
chosen by god to lead the world.
Had it not been for those "nasty Xians" you'd be speaking Arabic, simian.

Just think, had the bubonic plague wiped out all the Christian Europeans,
the Americas would've remained undiscovered, with "noble savages" still
running around and the entire Eastern Hemisphere forever stuck in a medieval
time warp:

People like you are forever pointing out all the wars and atrocities
attributable to Christians. The silver lining to that cloud is everything
you see around you. Essentially it's called the "Triumph of the West".
Hindus didn't land on the moon. Taoists didn't invent the
internal-combustion engine. Robert Goddard and Werner Von Braun didn't grow
up as Zoroastrians. Eli Whitney was no Sikh. And Cornelius Vanderbilt,
Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and Henry Ford sure as hell didn't bow
toward Mecca five times a day.
The Pope himself may not understand America.
His Holiness doesn't understand much of anything:



When Martin Luther hammered his 95 theses on that church door he had no
idea that he'd change the world forever, because once his name and face
appeared in print all over Europe thanks to Johannes Gutenberg, everyone
who was sick and tired and fed up with kowtowing to the Pope finally said,
"ENOUGH," and so began the Reformation. Science and religion went their
separate ways and the rest is history. Every other fundamentalist
civilization was left in the dust as Europe charged ahead, and to this day
the only societies that matter are the ones that are SECULAR. True,
religion still exists, but it's interesting to note that a nation's
technological advancement is in inverse proportion to how religiously
fundamentalist its population is ---
2018-06-24 20:49:52 UTC
On Sat, 23 Jun 2018 05:59:44 -0700 (PDT), "Wise TibetanMonkey, Most
"NATO chief warns there's no guarantee the alliance will survive Trump's
beef with Europe"
That would be great and Europe will finally be free. America and Europe
do NOT share the same values.
Let's hope it doesn't survive. It's nothing but a cover for yank
imperialism anyway. Yank scum need to be kicked out of every country
that they infect.
It would be most entertaining to watch the rest of the world explode if/when
we decide to take our ball and go home.

The MSM would finally have some REAL news to report instead of political

Other countries have to have SOMEONE to blame all their woes on. Check this
out: "The World Without Us." It's something of a sleeper:


It was released in 2008, before Obama's election.


Full Feature:

20-min bonus part on Latin America:

It's about what would happen if America returned to its pre-WWII
isolationism. Be sure to watch that segment about Iraq and the statement
that if the U.S. pulled it troops out, Iraq would descend into chaos. Guess
what Obama did in 2011? Turn on any news channel and you can see the result.

Also, another overlooked goodie: "The World Without America," a short (25
min.) documentary film by Russian director Joseph Goldman and IDD Studio: