Here it is, Minoans were Arabs, please tell Dr Lambrakis, no the Palestinians were not Minoans, the other way around
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Although stone-tool evidence exists that hominins may have reached Crete as early as 130,000 years ago, evidence for the first anatomically-modern human presence dates to 10,000–12,000 YBP.[14][15] The oldest evidence of modern human habitation on Crete are pre-ceramic Neolithic farming-community remains which date to about 7000 BC.[16] A comparative study of DNA haplogroups of modern Cretan men showed that a male founder group, from Anatolia or the Levant, is shared with the Greeks.[17] The Neolithic population lived in open villages. Fishermen's huts were found on the shores, and the fertile Mesara Plain was used for agriculture.[18] Wilford, J.N., "On Crete, New Evidence of Very Ancient Mariners", The New York Times, Feb 2010
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The Greeks were never united, they were always separate tribes!
Minoans were Phoenician Arabs [Annals of Human Genetics (2008) 72,205–214]
Achaeans, Ahiya, were Hamitic Africans from Egypt. THis is why Sparta got its wheat from Sicily which is closer to Africa than Europe.
Dorians were Alpine Germans.
Ionians, descended from Yovani, Javan, son of Japheth, were Scythians. THe name Ashkhenazi derives from Scythian.
THis is why Athenians got their wheat from Scythia via Bezant.
The Aeolians were Pelasgian Albanians. Everywhere Herodotus said there were Pelasgians, like in Koropi, outside of Athens, and Methana near Corinth, today there are Albanians.
The Trojans were undeniably Hittites, who appear with Mongolian Turkic Turanian slanted eyes on drawings.
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