Deport Muslims
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2017-07-03 07:16:42 UTC
Just make something up. Deport all the Muslims.
2017-07-03 10:46:34 UTC
The Jewish controlled media tells us the Jews are America's only
friends in the Middle East. The truth is that before these Jews
America didn't have any enemies in the Middle East.

If the Jews got away with sinking the USS Liberty people would be
saying that Egypt did case closed. False flags are what Jews do. The
Lavan affair was another proven false flag they almost got away with.
9/11 was the Jews false flag. Terror is all false flag. Real
revolutionaries would target politicians not people at parties. ISIS
is false flag.

ISIS = false flag

UN: Proven Ties Between ISIS And Israel

Posted by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

A new report from the UN reveals that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF)
maintained regular contact with members of ISIS since May 2013. The UN
identified contact with IDF forces and ISIS soldiers. - See more at:

- See more at:

Documented Proof ISIS Is a Creation of The United States of America

By destroying ancient Christian sites, and by murdering contemporary
Christians themselves, the godless Israeli attack dog known as 'ISIS'
is killing two birds with one stone. Christians suffer while Muslims
takes the blame. Only the deluded devotees of Sulzberger's Slimes and
the rest of the piranha press actually believe that the mercenary scum
of ISIS are real Muslims. True Muslims do not murder, rape and loot.
Nor do they oppress Christians. Indeed the Koran venerates Jesus as a
Holy Prophet and commands Muslims to respect Christians.

Please see this very important youtube video:

Even before the documentation, it was obvious that "moderate" ISIS was
only attacking things Israel hates. Syria, Russia, France (France
wants to recognize Palestine; Bibi publicly warned that that was a
"grave error" about a week before Charlie Hebdo), Christians, Europe
and Hamas. It was also clear that we knew about the con that was going
on, because the USA were not attacking them at all, although the USA
were certainly pretending to be at war with them. Then Russia came
Christopher Helms

by Dean Obeidallah
Denounce ISIS? Muslims despise ISIS. (At least those who aren't
True, ISIS is compromised of people who claim to be Muslims. But the
number one victim of this barbaric terror group is Muslims. That's
undisputed. ISIS has killed thousands of Muslims across the Middle
East, including beheading Sunni Muslims in Iraq for failing to pledge
loyalty to them, executing Imams for not submitting to them, and even
killing an Imam in Iraq for simply denouncing them.
And just a few days before the brutal terrorist assault in Paris, ISIS
launched a coordinated terrorist attack in Beirut, killing 43 and
wounding 239 people who were primarily if not exclusively Muslims.
However, in contrast to Paris, American media outlets barely covered
the Beirut attack. Apparently Muslims being killed by ISIS doesn't
attract enough ratings for U.S. media outlets to justify "full team"
or even quarter team coverage.

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